Coaching Summits

In 2016, we started out with a simple aim to bring coaches together, to share learning and create ideas.  Derby Stance UK saw the start of something bigger than the awesome seminars and voices of experience, it saw the start of relationships and a serious conversation about coaching. 

We keep looking to inspire new coaches and big thoughts about how we can work together to support each other as coaches and continue to strengthen our amazing roller derby community. 

Our next Derby Stance Online Coaching Summit is this year from November 22 - 24 and it's ALL ONLINE.  You should totally come.  

the Coach

Courses designed for coaches run in collaboration with Hive Skat Hub.

Our last event, How to Coach Skills, was a full day course with on- and off- skates elements designed for roller derby coaches, aspiring coaches, or players who want to take control of their own learning.

Keep an eye out for future events or contact us to arrange for a Coach the Coach session for your league.

Coaching streams

For every amazing on skates bootcamp, there're a dozen coaches with off skates tickets frantically scrabbling to write everything down.  Our bootcamps always have a coaching stream, with coach-specific content and coach-to-coach time scheduled in for questions and clarifications.  Plus, all that observation time, learning from other great coaches and role models.