Roller Derby City

What you should know about Roller Derby City and their awesome stuffs?!

Roller Derby City was born in 2010, is skater owned and operated, and proud to support local roller derby.  Not only are they sponsoring Derby Stance UK, but they have a massive list of events they've been part of (including Skate Odyssey, Men's Roller Derby World Cup and Eastbourne Extreme) and they're also an official sponsor for the British Championships, England Men's Roller Derby and London Rollergirls!

Why do we love Roller Derby City soooo much? 

Their merchandise is highly respected and always in demand, and they've got some pretty cool logos.  Hydra has about a gajillion of their scrimm tops and custom hoodies.  And Hydra is a roller derby fashion trend setter.  #honestsheis

With a keen interest in strengthening our community, Slams and the team were excited about Derby Stance from the off and were the first derby business to officially hop on board. 

We are really excited about the goodies they are making for the summit, and so will you be when you arrive and get your freebies.