Eiger Studios & New Craven Hall

Reasons to love Eiger and New Craven Hall...

Number 1 - They are the venues of our very first Derby Stance Coaching Summit!  

Number 2 - They are hip and urban and edgy and also there is a bar with snacks. And a pool table!

Number 3 - They make a good brew with a dark sense of humour.  

What else you should know: 

New Craven Hall is situated in the developing industrial area south of Leeds city centre. The venue’s aesthetics embrace this while still creating a unique and desirable space for a variety of events. The exposed brick walls and large metal beams combine with warm lighting and luxurious soft furnishings to create the perfect atmosphere for any event.

Eiger is a multi-purpose music and arts space, comprising rehearsal rooms, recording studios, a versatile venue room, and offering various services that spring from these. A thriving creative hub, Eiger is unique in its diverse range of services and involvement in the music and arts communities of Yorkshire and beyond.