Leeds Girls Can

This Girl Can Leeds is part of the national This Girl Can campaign developed by Sport England together with a range of partners to encourage women to take part in sport.

"It is a celebration of women who are doing their thing and don’t care how they look or how red their face gets when playing sport."

"We want the women of Leeds to run, roll, move, pedal, swim and shoot for the netball hoop. If you want to try a new sport or get back into a sport that you previously loved now is the time!"

When the ace gang at This Girl Can Leeds heard about Derby Stance, they jumped straight on board because they understand that roller derby is an inclusive sport for everyone and they believe in the power of good coaching. They too are thrilled that the conference is happening in their city, now on the international map for producing and training great sportspeople, and so wanted to be a part of it. 

And their roll page features Leeds Roller Dolls' Wrecking Brawls, who are obviously close to Rule 56's heart - yay!