Sport Psychology for Coaches

with Maurine Filip

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Maurine Filip (jammer for Stockholm Roller Derby Allstars) is a trained psychologist with experience running sport psychology workshops for the derby community.

Whether it's long term work with your team culture, or helping a skater on game-day with performance anxiety, sports psychology is a crucial part of ensuring success through the well-being of both coaches and athletes.

Together with Rule 56, Maurine hopes to help Roller Derby coaches tap into this often under-utilised aspect of their coaching to be able to support their athletes in both the physical and mental part of the game.

The Series

Maurine Filip has designed a series of webinar clinics to focus on the different uses and challenges of sport psychology from a coaching perspective. 

Session A: Intro to Sports Psychology – The Basics and Possibilities of Sports Psychology

Next session: Saturday December 16th, 17:30 UK TIME (09:30 Pacific / 12:30 Eastern / 18:30 Europe)

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Session goal: Increase participants knowledge of the scope and possibilities of sports psychology.

Many believe that sports psychology is used to fix problems, like when an athlete is unable to perform. In this webinar, you’ll gain insight into all the ways sports psychology can be utilized to ensure a good environment for both athletes and coaches. The webinar will evidence based and contain references to current research in the area. Additionally, we will touch upon the challenges with this seemingly abstract subject.

The follow on sessions are aimed at coaches who have already attended the Intro to Sport Psychology. 

Session B: Sports Psychology for Performance Enhancement

Session goal: To provide knowledge of performance motivation and how it can be altered.


Session C: Sports Psychology for Health and Well-being

Session goal: To provide knowledge of the effect of a sport setting on mental health.


Session D: Psychology of Team Processes and Group Dynamics

Session goal: To provide insight in the differences between working with a group and working with an individual.

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Session E: Sports Psychology – Practical Applications for Coaches

Session goal: To summarize previous sessions, provide a space for contextualized discussions, and provide practical applications