Derby Stance Online Coaching Summit (2018) brought some of the best coaching brains in the derby world together for one amazing virtual weekend of knowledge sharing and coaching know how.

On-demand access of the seminar recordings available for purchase through July: www.thelittleboxoffice/com/rule56.

You can check out our programme for more information on each seminar.

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Pricing: £15/ single seminar | £30/ 3 seminars | £150/ full set of 19 seminars.
Each seminar is 1 hour.
Discount available for Derby Stance attendees - contact us for more information.


Just Start Coaching

1 Dealing with difficult behaviours Rosie Peacock

2 Mental Health in Derby and Sport Maurine Filip

3 The importance of the “basics” Furrrocious

4 Managing Difficult Conversations Vivien Leigh-thal

5 Building Confidence in Coaches Louise Capicotto


Mental Performance

13 Coaching Believence: Empowering New Skaters To Believe In Themselves Treble

14 Introduction to the MAC approach for coaches - an alternative sports psychology model for optimal athletic performance
Maurine Filip

15 Bark and Bite: Anger and Aggression in Roller Derby
Dr. Astrid Coxon

16 Helping Skaters Overcome Their Biggest Roadblock - Themselves
Miss Tea Maven


Our speakers

Strategic Coaching

6 Exploration vs Repetition training Ballistic

7 Build-a-Beast! How to Implement a Bad-Ass Cross-Training Program and Win More Games
Booty Quake

8 Situational Strategy - How to Change Your Game
Papa Whiskey

9 Strategy training for beginner and intermediate teams


Junior roller derby

17 Sports Psychology for Junior Coaches - You're teaching more than just a sport
Maurine Filip

18 Taking the Track with the Future of Our Sport
Devoida Mercy

19 Developing a Juniors Program Devoida Mercy

Game Day

10 The importance of defining roles for your bench crew, creating roles, boundaries and specialisms for success.
Rosie Peacock

11 Effective Bench Coaching - Being the 16th Player

12 What you and your team needs to perform