A compendium of tips, questions, and answers about the Digital Coaching Series because Facebook threads disappear so quickly.

I can't come at the time it's offered, can I watch it later?

We're really proud of the fact that our webinars aren't just a pitch from a super star coach and aim to start a discussion between the coaches, sharing knowledge as part of the presentation.  But we also know that sometimes you just can't make it. 

Our Fundamentals of Coaching series will be recorded specifically for you guys to watch later, without all the extra clutter and chat - but you'll have to hang tight till November because we need time to record them!

Can I buy a ticket as it's starting?

Unfortunately, nope.  Ticket sales go offline one hour before it starts because that's how Brown Paper Tickets sets things up. 

I'm having trouble with payment - can you help?

The best thing to do is contact Brown Paper Tickets directly on their toll free number.  We know it can feel like a faff to make a phone call, but it's proven to be the absolutely fastest way of getting issues sorted.