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Coach mentoring

Sometimes you just need a bit of support or some new perspectives.

Whether you’re a new coach or a league looking to get everyone on the same page, an outside view and dedicated time to think big thoughts can make all the difference.

And sometimes you don’t want to reinvent the wheel or go through all the same growing pains. Rule 56 brings experience from coaching multiple sports as well as a long history of work with leagues at all levels, from pre-contact skaters to top-tiered UK teams.

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Rule 56 can provide guidance, resources, and a sounding board to support your league to create an amazing environment for developing skaters.

We are keen to support coaches and leagues to :

-- establish new skater programming

-- define skater development pathways

-- create a goal-based training strategy

-- develop their training narrative

-- design training plans for multiple levels

-- break down strategies and drills into skills instruction

-- drive improvement w/ session-level planning

Every league’s needs are different so every approach is different. Our first chat will be spent understanding your team and what you are looking for as coaches and we’ll work together to design the resources you need.

First session - free

After the first session, we’ll agree an overall price, but our baseline is:

Coach Mentoring — 1 hour — £20

Footage analysis for decision making — 1 hour — £40

Training plan design (including resources) — £200

Get in touch for a chat.

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