Introduction to coaching concepts

For up and coming coaches, folks considering coaching, and old hands at coaching looking for a different way to look at things.

Five sessions set out in a series targeted at newer coaches or old hands who want to check that they're on the right track.  Led by Nadia Kean of Get Smarty Coaching, each session is designed to stand alone, but as a series, they also piece together to give you a full picture of getting started in coaching.    Attend all five and earn yourself a completion certificate at the end.

Ticket Prices (exc service fees):
One clicnic : £7 (just under $10US)
Bundle Basic Coaching Parts 1 and 2 : £10 (approx $13US)
Full Introduction to Coaching Concepts Five Part Course : £28 (just over $35US)

Please check our time zone guide so you know when this is running in your part of the world!   Each session runs for 1 hour.  

Basic Coaching P1

Next session: August 21, 2017

Coaching isn't basic at all, but this course is designed to get you prepped and motivated for your coaching career and to build your confidence in taking on training sessions for the first time. There are good lessons for even experienced coaches as well as the opportunity to chat with Nadia and share tips with other coaches online. 

In this first session, we'll cover : 
-Best Methods for Running Practice
-Communication as a Key Driver for Productivity at Practice
-How People Learn and the Benefit of being Diligent while at Practice

This course is the first session of a five part Introduction to Coaching Concepts digital coaching series. Make sure you also have a look at Basic Coaching Part 2 to get the full picture!

Basic Coaching P2

Next session:
August 28, 2017

The second part of a great introduction to the fundamentals of coaching.  In Part 1, we establish the role of the coach.  In Part 2 we discuss the less obvious nuances that coaching demands from coaches. 

You will learn about subtle game changers that are not recommendations for how to run practice, but rather recommendations for how you should act as a coach and how you should treat the athletes that you work with.


Next session:
Sept 4, 2017

Do you ever have one of those sessions where everything seems to go wrong? That doesn't mean people aren't learning - this session will help you take a step back to see the bigger picture.

You'll use this hour to work out ways of understanding if the athlete is learning and how to support the learning process.

You'll cover:
-Learning to Read the Athlete
-How to explain concepts to athletes for quicker results
-How to find the missing link in the athlete’s ability

This course is third in a five part Introduction to Coaching Concepts digital coaching series.

In this 4th session we'll cover:
-How asking questions or not asking questions can tell you what type of learner you're working with
-Indirect Learners
-Direct Learners
-How to obtain quicker results at practice

This course is the fourth session of a five part Introduction to Coaching Concepts digital coaching series.


Next session:
Sept 11, 2017

This webinar picks up topics previously discussed as part of Nadia's Building Team Success webinar (June 2017), but from a coach's point of view.

Aiming to answer the time old question: How can you Work with your Coach and Teammates for Success on the Team?

Nadia Kean will walk you through why it's important to understand
-How your teammates think
-How your coach thinks
- How to adapt to your teammates and coach while still maintaining your sense of self as an athlete

This course is the fifth session of a five part Introduction to Coaching Concepts digital coaching series.


Understanding your Team

Next session:
Sept 18, 2017