Big plans for a big Community

The best way to develop a community is to bring people together, in person or online. 

What's next?


Rule 56 is excited to be bringing the best of global roller derby coaching straight onto your screen.  Put on your PJs, grab a cuppa, and chill out on your sofa while soaking up all that coaching know-how.

We're partnering up with Get Smarty Coaching to get our Coaching Series started right!  

Coaching 101, on April 24th, will introduce you to the big concepts in coaching, with a roller derby twist.  

Keep an eye out for more topics and more opportunities!  

In the meantime,  let us know if there's anything you're really jonesing to know and we'll try and make it happen!

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT : Thank you to everyone who joined in our pilot episode of Coaching 101.  Your participation and feedback has helped us shape and develop the webinar series into something truly awesome.


Past events



Two days of everything coaching and derby...  it was the UK's first coming together of coaches and our chance for discussion, learning, and building a coaching community that will take UK roller derby to the next step together. 

Read more about the summit.