Big plans for a big Community

The best way to develop a community is to bring people together, in person or online. 

What's on?


It all started with Derby Stance UK, a weekend of big coaches and even bigger ideas...  but not everyone can spare a two days away immersed in coaching theory and roller derby networks...  there's training and skating and fundraising to be done!  

Rule 56 is working to bring all those ideas and teaching and coaching excitement right into your home (or anywhere you can take your phone).   

Big coaches.  Big ideas.  Your computer. 

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MINIMUM SKILLS #SummerNotSummer Camp

A 3-day, skills-packed event in the North of England for skaters and coaches.

A full schedule of skating, rules testing, skills practice and assessment for pre-mins and just passed mins skaters.

The coaching stream will focus on bringing consistency and common understanding of minimum skills across leagues.  This is our chance to share information, shadow other coaches, and really understand what we mean when we say "Mins Passed".


Past events



Two days of everything coaching and derby...  it was the UK's first coming together of coaches and our chance for discussion, learning, and building a coaching community that will take UK roller derby to the next step together. 

Read more about the summit.