Speakers @ Derby Stance 2018

We're beyond lucky to welcome the following ace collection of folk to Derby Stance to share their experience and expertise in the mental side of coaching. 

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Mental, Us.
Jo Redfearn

Founder of Mental, US, Jo Redfearn delivers workshops for people on mental health and counselling skills.  She also runs sessions to provide knowledge, disperse myths and get people talking about mental health. 

Having played competitive roller derby for 4 years, she brings an understanding of the importance of positive head space within sport and an insight into how coaches can support athletes to achieve  it.

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louise capicotto

Louise is a BPS-Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist (in-training) at Loughborough Sport. Louise has a passion for extreme sports and gained sponsorship as an up-and-coming female skateboarder in the early 2000s before falling ill.

She went on to compete in powerlifting at international-level but now focuses her attention on coaching weightlifting and athletics.

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rosie Peacock

Sponsored skater and coach with pivotstar uk.  Skates for Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Team Scotland.

I've been playing roller derby since 2010 and coaching since 2011.

I love coaching at all levels and have always coached the leagues and teams that I compete and train with, this can present its own set of challenges as well as benefits and I've learned a huge amount about this sport, the community and teaching styles and techniques that I'd love to share with other coaches at Derby Stance!



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Vivien Leigh-thal

Captain of the Rainy City All Stars for 3 seasons. Current All Star coach.

Being asked to speak at Derby Stance is so exciting to me! I am so interested in exploring all aspects of coaching and the effect that different coaching styles and approaches has on the performance of a team of athletes. To be asked to be a part of something that brings together so many different people and gives them a platform to share their different experiences and expertise is great.

The chance to come together and learn from one another in an attempt to make the sport we love better is something I'm passionate about.

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Chelsey Dempsey

Chelsey Dempsey is an accredited Sport Scientist (psychology) who currently works for Middlesbrough F.C. and Blackburn Rovers RTC.
At both clubs, Chelsey leads the psychology provision for players (9-16s), coaches, and staff.

Chelsey has a Ph.D. which focused on the relationship between confidence and performance, and how this relationship changes under different circumstances and with different personalities.

Chelsey's areas of expertise are confidence, leadership, resilience, and using psychological skills to enhance performance.


nadia kean

One of the highlights of our 2016 summit, Nadia Kean continues to lead the charge on developing coaching in the roller derby community.

Nadia lives and plays roller derby in Austin, Texas for Texas and USA Roller Derby.

She has been teaching and coaching athletes for over fifteen years. She believes that most athletes have untapped potential in the sport that they play.

Nadia especially enjoys helping coaches unlock their inner teacher so that they can help the athletes that they work with realize their potential.




Luludemon aka Lucy Croysdill started playing in 2006 with Terminal City Rollergirls, and was a proud member of Team Canada 2011 and 2014.

She has coached teams all over the world from Australia to South Africa and is a co-owner of Elite Roller Derby Training - the first online course focused on team learning.

Lulu’s other day job is helping to make derby women look good and feel strong as the owner of Pivotstar Apparel. She's also a proud co-founder of The Girls On Track Foundation who's aim is to get more teenage girls involved in this amazing sport.