Via the magic of the interwebs, Rule 56 is excited to be bringing great roller derby coaching resources from top trainers straight onto your screen.   Our webinars are a great format for meeting other coaches from around the coaching community, asking questions, and getting access to information and ideas about coaching.  

Put on your PJs, grab a cuppa, and chill out on your sofa while soaking up all that coaching know-how.  

Our current planned series include:

Prices and times vary for each series, so click through for more details!

Top Tips

A compendium of tips, questions, and answers about the Digital Coaching Series.

Our webinar service is provided by ClickMeeting.

Mobile Devices:

If you're watching from a mobile device, make sure you download the app in plenty of time and test that it works before the webinar.  Note that on a mobile device you won't be able to see all the nodes of the Webinar at once (presenter / whiteboard/ presentation/ chat) so you need to be prepared to switch back and forth between them. 

Using the Webinar software

Do I need anything special to watch the webinar? 

You need a device of some sort.  It can be a laptop or a PC or a tablet or a phone and it can be Windows or Mac.  This webinar service works across platforms.  If you're going mobile, you might want to download the app for Android or for iPhone.


I can't come at the time it's offered, can I watch it later?

We're really proud of the fact that our webinars aren't just a pitch from a super star coach and aim to start a discussion between the coaches, sharing knowledge as part of the presentation.  But we also know that sometimes you just can't make it. 

If we can make it available after the fact, it will say on the event.  Some of the webinars we're working on recording properly so you can have access to them via a non-webinar service and those, when available, you can purchase access via our website or via the coach's website.

Can I buy a ticket as it's starting?

Yep - that shouldn't be a problem, just be aware that it'll take a few minutes for the room token to come through so if you don't want to miss any of the webinar, try and get your ticket at least ten minutes before it starts!

I'm having trouble with payment - can you help?

We can most certainly try.  Send us a DM on Facebook or an email to and we'll get you sorted.


Trouble Shooting

The audio keeps cutting out and it's all rubbish!

Don't panic!  This doesn't happen very often but if it does, you need to leave the webinar room and re-enter.  It'll only take a second but it resets something that means it generally works much better when you come back into the room.  If you're still having issues, let us know on the event page and we'll do our best to fix it.