Via the magic of the interwebs, Rule 56 is excited to be bringing great roller derby coaching resources from top trainers straight onto your screen.   Our webinars are a great format for meeting other coaches from around the coaching community, asking questions, and getting access to information and ideas about coaching.  

Put on your PJs, grab a cuppa, and chill out on your sofa while soaking up all that coaching know-how.  

Our current series include:

Prices and times vary for each series, so click through for more details! 


Footage Viewing Essentials with Get Smarty Coaching

When you watch footage, do you find yourself just watching the game?  Swooning at the jammers and shouting at the blockers?  Do you get to the end of a footage session with your team or your coaching body and realise nobody's actually taken any relevant notes?

We're trialling a new series specifically aimed to support you and your coaching body analyse footage and apply it to your coaching and team decisions. 

Come along to the pilot on September 18th and help us test out how best to run the sessions!


Strength and Conditioning with Chris Baird

We all know that the fitter we are, the better we play and the fewer injuries our players sustain, but we can't all be experts in everything.  This session with Chris Baird, Strength and Conditioning coach, is a hand on tour of monitoring and managing your team's fitness, with ready made resources and a detailed explanation of how to support your team to build success.