Coaching is where it's at. 

We provide practical resources, support, and opportunities for roller derby coaches.  

But what really makes our wheels roll faster is that face-to-face coaching.  


on skates

1:1.  Small groups. Big teams.  Little teams. 

Our coaches have worked with skaters of all ages, including juniors.   With a focus on newer skaters and supporting developing leagues, we can work with you on specific skills and strategies

We can offer tailor-made workshops, skill blocks and one off sessions to help you focus on that next step up.  

Get in touch to explore your possibilities!


Who coaches the coaches?

Training trainers.

We provide coaching support and help with tasks such as

  •  designing coach development programmes to build confidence & skill
  • building lesson plans and training narratives
  • running train the trainer sessions to promote consistent coaching across your league
  • facilitating footage viewing and conversations so you can be a part of the discussion with your teammates
  • implementing systems so that your own skating doesn't suffer 

Let us know how we can help!