Derby Stance 2018 : It's all in your head

the mental side of roller derby

February 10 and 11, 2018 in Newcastle (UK)

Looking at the mental side of roller derby, Rule 56 is hosting a 2 day coaching summit for derby coaches and aspiring coaches. Whether you're a long-term bench coach or a just-passed mins skater that has been given responsibility for coaching newer skaters, this will be a great event for exploring new ideas, meeting other coaches, and building your knowledge base.  

We'll spend one day of the summit understanding our athletes as individuals and as part of a team to enable us to build better coach-athlete relationships, improve our skater development, and support them better as coaches with the ultimate goal to build motivated athletes and grow our sport. 

The second day will be about the coaches themselves - how can we build our coaches' confidence?  What do coaches need to know?  How can they use their emotional intelligence to improve their coaching?  

And throughout we'll have opportunities for reflection and chatting!