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I don't just coach the skills, though those are nice and easy and defined.  It's so easy to coach a nice pretty plow stop.  There are clear success measures.  You can define them, hear them, see them, and, most importantly, correct them.  All nice and straightforward.

I also aim to coach the person.

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Half the time not only are we not clear exactly why we’re doing something, but we’re not totally sure that we’ve replicated it quite right.  Skaters dash between skating and scribbling crib notes into a notebook.  We try and do diagrams then come home and look at them, turn the book upside down, ask our mates… “Do you remember how to set this drill up right?”

But we crack on because we think it’s got to be better than what we were doing before.

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I pretty much ran sessions the way I would love them if I were skating.  Which makes sense to a point... like when you go to someone's house, your mum always says to behave like you would like them to behave in your home (i.e no swinging from the chandeliers). 

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