I am beyond excited that this weekend I am actually finally really and truly attending a coaching qualification course for skating*.  After more than six years of coaching derby I’m finally getting some guidance on how to do it!  Everything till now has been following, shadowing, trying, experimenting… annnnnd, I think I’ve just about sussed it.  Definitely the time to be taught how to coach (*read: sarcasm).

It’s not that I don’t think this course will offer good advice and skills to share.  And I’m hoping to pick up different ways of explaining edges and how to use them.  (Though, having run a few collabs with Missy Rascal over the past year, I’m pretty edged up.) 

But I’m frustrated. 

Frustrated that this course took so long to get up and running and then once it did that it kept getting cancelled.

Frustrated for myself that I had to manage for so long worrying that I was doing things wrong. 

Frustrated for other new coaches that they have to go through the same thing, especially the ones that don’t have other sport coaching experince to fall back on. 

Frustrated that amazing coaches have to run events at risk because it’s nigh impossible to get insurance in the UK if you don’t have a piece of paper saying you’re qualified to coach. 

Frustrated for the skaters that have to muddle through while we figure out how to coach and then retire and someone else then has to figure out how to coach. 

Frustrated that skaters leave because we can’t offer consistency.  Frustrated that leagues stagnate because there isn’t help to push to the next level. 

Mostly I’m frustrated that I have been waiting all this time to finally get on the coaching course and it’s not even for the sport I coach. 

But amongst all the frustration is faith that in the background, behind the derby noise (fundraising, events, bootcamps, events, games, more events, and all the admin…)  things are happening.  Our governing bodies are shifting and reassessing and driving forward with increased presence and focus. 

Our sport is experiencing another growth spurt.  This means we might be gangly for a bit but we’ll come out bigger.  Better.   Maybe with some derby-specific coaching support.  That would be excellent.

Until then, I’m going to get educated in how to coach skating skills and I will share the learnings here, with my team, in Facebook groups, in bootcamps, in 1:1s, and in conversation.    

#moretalking #moresharing #coachderby

* British Roller Sports Federation (BRSF)
If you want to come along and get your qual, I reckon that there are still spaces to fill: http://www.brsf.co.uk/coach-education.