Doing the things

We're still here!  We're doing the things.  Sometimes that means we don't get a lot of time to shout about all the things that are being done.

So here's a quick run down of all the things that are being done.


We've been oh so busy trying to figure out the best way to get all the coaching info from clever people's brains out into the world.  And we've sussed it - well, almost! 

Get Smarty Coaching has been pretty much the most amazing ever and helping us test and trial all these new ways of engaging with people and doing the knowledge share.  She's put so much time into it with us prepping and planning and trying out software and ways of making virtual chatting as interactive as possible. 

We've got three more scheduled with Smarty, all at times convenient for Europe, people without day jobs in America, and really really early risers in Australia.  So if you fit into that demographic, head over to Facebook and check out the next three sessions, all taking place in June.

If you can't make it, don't wallow in the FOMO, cause we're looking to plan a whole nother series at USA- useful times.  Not to mention a couple topic additions that will be helpful not just to coaches, but all the skaters who want to be amazing. 


We also fill quite a bit of time actually coaching people.  Lots of pre-mins work, getting folks comfortable on skates and understanding edges.  Mmmmmmm edges...

We've found a home at Manningham Sports Centre in Bradford -- amazing skate surface and uber friendly people and THEY LET US PUT OUR WHEELS ON THEIR FLOOR. 


Bootcamps is to coaching what tournies are to skating...  OUR FAVORITE.  Basically non-stop roller derby action, on and off skates.  Is there a better way to spend a weekend?

First up we're pairing up with Team England's Missy Rascal and going to Orkney to do a team-focussed weekend of skills.  The Orkney ViQueens are a new league that have already seen an amazing amount of success in building their team.  From a full list of members to a full list of funders, they're totally on their way.  We're pretty impressed with their work, it's got to be said.

And then...  still in the planning phases so it's a bit on the DL, but a few clues--  think "mins", think "coaching", think "fricking amazing".  And then watch this space....


Our #56 is heading to Barcelona for Euro Derby Con in July this year and helping out as a Volunteer Manager which so far has been code for "meet cool people", "talk about roller derby things", "do a spreadsheet". We're beyond excited to go and soak up the derby, maybe play a few scrimms, and be a part of helping to make an awesome event for the derby community. 


Also, have you SEEN some of those seminars on offer about coaching? Go and have a look and then come back and tell us if that doesn't just look amazing.  And when you decide that you should come along, hit us up and volunteer for a few hours as well.  May as well do, it comes with a discounted ticket and the opportunity to be part of derby behind the scenes. 

Oh yeah, and We've been SKATING...
Cause that's the whole point.

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