What's an "Ecky" anyway?

I started skating at the start of 2015 but, like nearly all the skaters I know, it quickly took over my life, and now I can't remember life before or imagine it without Leeds Roller Dolls and roller derby. 

As a proud Yorkshire lass, I am beyond chuffed that Derby Stance, the UK's first dedicated conference for coaching roller derby, is being held in God's Own County. So people can sample our famous hospitality: everyone will call you 'love'; you can have a brew or a brew; and meet our homegrown coaches and sportspeople, who are some of the finest in the country. 

I am also happy to be organising it alongside my Rule 56 partner, Hydra - who was also my first roller derby coach. So I can vouch for how blummin' ace she is at coaching, as well as putting together agendas and schedules. 

As well as organising awesome conferences and skating with Leeds' recreational team, the Wrecking Brawls, I work on the PR team for Leeds Roller Dolls and Line Up their A team, the Rebel Roses. 

When I'm not doing any of that, I support the first Leeds team I loved, my beloved Leeds United. Every other Saturday I go to Elland Road for two hours and follow the sometimes ups but mostly downs of my poor football club. It brings out the optimistic side of me. 

Anything else you should know? I love mint choc chip ice-cream but hate mushrooms. I am owned by two cats called Lily Choo and Vladimir Pushkin. And I once answered the phones on the TV programme 'Watchdog' for a job.