A "Hydra" by any other name...

So the important thing to know is that I'm not THE Hydra.  That one that has "Rose City Rollers 2015" engraved on it.  I'm a whole different sort of Hydra. 

I am US-born and raised, but I've picked Yorkshire as my home after a rather circuitous journey. I'm starting to get the accent, but I still have a lot to learn about living here...  for example, my washing is on the line.  And it's pissing it down with rain.  If you look down the row of gardens, no one else has put washing on the line today.  How do they know?  Something innate in the Yorkshire soul tells them when to put the washing out.  Also I'm still struggling to find a flat cap that suits me.  

My biggest struggle is the balance between game prep and my love of beer.  Not just any beer. Craft.  Indie.  Hipster.  Hoppy.  "IPA" bring nearly as big a thrill to my heart as "D1".  I'm still working to reconcile the two -- hence my fave local brewers, Northern Monk, serving at our big phat ramp party at The Works on November 19th.  

Otherwise life isn't much of a struggle at all.... skating, coaching, planning, REPEAT.