It happened! That odd little conversation in a coffee shop in Leeds about half a year ago... it became a thing.  A big thing.  A Summit thing.  And it was good. 

Folks came from all over the UK to sit in our hipster, recording studio locale and listened to so many amazing speakers about topics that we've been waiting for someone to talk to us about for, like, ever.  

We were surrounded by other people who loved coaching and who got it.  People who had the same questions we did and wanted to know the same stuff and maybe were able to help us with some of the things we didn't know.  

Thanks for an incredible weekend. Am too full of information and long drives to go into any more detail but just brilliant all round.

It was a weekend of positive learning, BIG conversations, and a little bit of queuing for pizza.  

So we did the thing and we're collating outputs and trying to process all the information and the videos and the comments and the slides and share it all back out in the hopes that whatever enthusiasm and progress that was made over the weekend doesn't get pushed into the background of daily life.  

Thank you so much and thanks to all the friendly folks I met who shared their knowledge!

Derby Stance achieved exactly what we wanted it to - it put the word "coach" on everyone's lips.    

We want there to be more conversations about coaching, more sharing in coaching, more thinking about how we can support and develop our coaches.  We want to increase the visibility of coaches in our sport and bring more coaches into our sport. 

Thanks so much for a fab idea and a brilliant first conference.

So now the conversation has started... up to you all to take it forward.  #wearerollerderby #coaches






I learned so much this weekend. Thank you all speakers and organisers, it was excellent
Brilliant first day with some great guest speakers! Certainly gave me lots to think about going forward.
it sparked some big ideas for us that we’re keen to take forward with in our league
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