Getting papped

Ok, so maybe "papped" is a bit of an exaggeration, but there's been a rush of PR for Derby Stance UK as the news of Playoffs fades and we wait for the champs build up (punctuated by announcements of exciting national rosters, of course!).  Rule 56 has seen a mini barrage of press.  It may only be a few articles, but it's 300% more press than we've ever had before and I'm terribly concerned that you won't have had a chance to see it, so I'm collating it here for you.  

First off, our interview with The Apex.  SUCH good questions.  Just the sort of things we like to talk about.

And as part of the Women's Sport Week Campaign, Female Coaching Network ran an interview feature on us and our coaching summit:

And then, though we weren't directly involved, Scottish Roller Derby did a massively exciting interview with Smarty Pants and shared it as a podcast with a proper shout out to Derby Stance UK.



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