We love Leeds (Part 2 of 1000)

They say it's God's Own Country this Yorkshire place.  I can't help but sometimes think they're right.  I've only lived up here for about 7 years but I've never loved a place quite so much (bearing in mind that I lived in the south of France on the Med for 2 years doing nothing but drinking white wine and eating really nice tomatoes...)

Leeds is a part of the perfection.  It's the bit of noise and clutter and shopping and culture and life in the middle of all the gorgeous that makes this county livable rather than a holiday destination.  It also has a bit of its own beautiful, if you stop in your wanders and #lookup.  

Contrary to #212's picks, I'm probably a bit more sedate ("dancing on the tables"- whaaaa? ).  My Leeds' favorites are a blend of coffee houses, real ale bars and good food.

If you're looking for food and beer on the go, head to Tapped Leeds, right by the station.  Big selection of beers and they do pizza so quick and so tasty.  NOM. 

But seriously, you can't really head to Yorkshire without having a curry.  Brick Lane, my arse.  The best UK curries are in The NORTH.  Top of my list (and vegetarian!) is Hansa's Gudjurati.  It's also in a great part of town for hanging out.  You can grab a nice pint at The Reliance before your dinner and then head to the Belgrave for some good beer and quality hipster watching.  

In the morning, when your excitement for the day ahead has you bounding out of bed and into the world, grab a coffee at Layne's Espresso (seriously one of my favourite places on earth).  Also, for the record, the best avocado on toast in the Leeds area.  No, seriously, I've tried them all.  This is the best.  Sit upstairs though, at the window, and watch the world while you drink your coffee. 

Depending how early you've gotten up, Bottega Milanese is a bit further out of the way but their coffee is like velvet.  VELVET, I tell you.

We're excited to bring folk to our city for #DerbyStanceUK and so happy at the support we've got from local businesses (mini shout out to Yorkshire Tea and Leeds Gin)