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This is me! Maha (or Hydra) #56, the number behind the rule.

Skating derby since 2010, I started rolling around the outfield with Leeds Roller Dolls (now Leeds Roller Derby), and now currently skate for Rainy City Roller Derby Tender Hooligans.

I’ve coached a lot over the last 15 years. Many sports: roller derby, rowing, capoeira. And many ages: from 5 all the way to over 50. Fun Fact- my capoeira appelido is Pantera.

I hold a Level 2 (UKCC) Qualification in Coaching Rowing and a Level 2 (BRSF) Certification in Coaching Skating Skills. I also sit on the Girls on Track Foundation Advisory Board - read all about us!

In derby my passion is new skater development and the impact that the system has on retention and growth of the sport.

In 2016 in a small coffee shop in Leeds, Rule 56 began as the idea that derby would be an even better place with confident coaches. Our first Derby Stance in November that year started a coaching conversation.

Our mission now is to keep that conversation going - promoting knowledge sharing across the roller derby coaching community. To be a truly accessible sport, to get more people involved and keep them in derby, we need good, confident coaches, clear development pathways, and consistency in how we work with athletes.

We are committed to furthering those goals through:

  • encouraging and supporting NGBs to place more value on coach development and coach engagement

  • providing learning opportunities and resources for roller derby coaches

  • breaking down barriers to participation in roller derby.

Photo by Jason Ruffell, Roller Derby on Film

Photo by Jason Ruffell, Roller Derby on Film

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Other fun fact, the Rule 56 mascot plays fly ball and has a fly ball name : lu’ca boom! (sports with nicknames run in the family)

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